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From Gucci to Gortex:


Miriam Cooke is a Producer, Broadcaster, Writer, Actress, and Archaeologist, for BBC, C4, five, Discovery and National Geographic and is one of the presenters on BBC One’s Country tracks. She also plays a little music...


Here, there and everywhere

Miriam’s supernatural  archaeology thriller: ‘Drusilla Blood’ is now available on Amazon, nook, kobo and ibook.

Book of the month ‘Chat’, it’s fate .

‘If Stephen King had a love child with Kate Mosse she would be called Drusilla Blood’

‘Thrills, suspense, horror, sex, humour, history... this novel has it all.’

Miriam recently finished filming BBC’s ‘The Story of Now’. 
Her new radio program ‘ Symphony of the Stones’ for the BBC world Service will be broadcast next year. 

Miriam has just released her new EP Malachite which is available here

‘This wonderful songstress is the perfect candidate. Accompanied by flute, violin, double bass and of course her own guitar and voice . she combines  wonderful stories and delicate melodies.’ Folklore

Soldiers of the Damned, the WW2 psychological thriller which she produced and starred in won Best Director recently at the Marbella International Film festival . 
Released on DVD and digitally .


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